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We are dedicated to improving our client’s lives, and our community as a whole while helping small business owners establish proven financial systems and strategies that maximize profit.

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PK & Associates Sister Companies

Rather than having a one-size-fits-all, we offer a group of individual sister companies each specializing in a much-needed area of expertise.

PK Acquisition

Assistance for business owners and investors to acquire properties and resources. From owning your dream business to investing your earnings for better returns on your investment. Our team of experts can help you achieve more.

PK Wealth Group

Experienced professional assistance for business formation and business funding to ensure in building wealth and financial freedom. You and those you love can enjoy the more affluent future you want and deserve.

PK Consultation

Our Non-Obligated initial consultation will answer questions and suggest the best services and strategies to solve challenges and achieve goals. We are proud to help individuals, businesses, and communities move forward in the effort to achieve greater financial success.

PK Tax Professionals

Professional tax help is more important than ever now with more robust IRS enforcement. Our experts can make sure your taxes are not only filled out correctly, but uncover valuable opportunities to save with proper deductions and better tax structuring.

PK Credit Solutions

Don't let past credit problems hold you back. We can use industry best methods to improve your credit score and help you build vital business credit. Live a better life, expand, and enjoy a brighter future with robust credit.
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